Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle A is here!  To download it as a pdf file, click the link below:

Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle A

You can also click this link to download it as a Word document, which is helpful if you want to print copies out, staple them together, and hand them out at your anarchist collective or give them to people who are too cheap to pay a dollar for the socialist newspaper:

Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle A

The book is also free to download on all E-reader platforms, here.

For Jimmy Spliff and Sativa Velazquez, it’s just another graveyard shift at the AnarchyBurger All-Nite Drive Thru and Shakes. The drunks are lined up at the pickup window, the bacon jalapeno poppers are squealing in the deep fryer, and the struggle is as real as the threat of heart disease. But just when it seems all hope is lost, a time traveller stumbles out of the promotional kids’ meal display to tell Jimmy and Sativa that they are destined to change the world!
From the widely adored creator of the webcomics Welcome to Kafco and Punx Against Punx, comes Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle A, the most excellent adventure in the history of labor activism.
In a world where working a full time job doesn’t pay enough to survive, the working class needs a hero. These two will have to do.

Punx Against Punx 13 & 14!!!

I’ve been slacking on my wordpress, and forgot to upload the last two Punx Against Punx comics.  This is a good example of why you should follow, to make sure you see the new stuff before I remember to put them up!  Well, here ya go, punx!punx13punx14