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Punx Against Concentration Camps

If our government wasn’t rounding up desperate people and caging them in hellish conditions, if we weren’t wrapped up in this goddamn nightmare of a public debate about what does and does not constitute a concentration camp, the people who we are spending millions of dollars hunting down to punish would be finding jobs and contributing to the economy. That’s if we did nothing. No walls, no raids, no police force of gung-go Nazis tearing around the country without any legal oversight. We’d save a bunch of money and things would be more or less the same as they have been for decades. Migrants could get jobs in slaughterhouses and you could keep watching Netflix or whatever.

But for the disciples of reason and the devout Christians out there who are terrified of America being overrun with smelly people from stupid countries, to you I say: who cares? People will be starving and suffering whether your precious eyes have to be affronted by them or not. Our compassion and solidarity should not end at some border created by tyrants and colonizing murderers centuries ago. We can’t keep the misery that this system creates contained in the shithole countries forever. We need to stop trying to keep capitalism’s victims separated from one another and instead come together to create the world we all deserve, where we all have what we need, we can go where we want, and nobody has to stink in some goddamn cage.

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Cartoonist and writer from Ohio, currently living in Rochester, New York

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