Punx Against Punx!!

This latest installment of #punxagainstpunx is the first #comic that I’ve done entirely in the digital medium. Which is why it looks a little wonky. I still have a way to go before I get used to #drawing on the tablet instead of on paper. Freshcut Herb’s reaction in the second panel is paraphrased from a Ben Shapiro quote after the #christchurch shooting. Ben’s pearl-clutching take that we shouldn’t say the shooter’s name, watch the disgusting video that he took of the killings or read his manifesto was a particularly bogus and cowardly attempt to avoid talking about the wretched fascist politics that motivate murders like these. The OK flashing alt-right shitstain who committed this attack uses the same rhetoric of invasion from foreigners and defense of western civilization that is completely mainstream in the #rightwing. And that smirking dipshit Ben Shapiro knows it.