Inspector Dipshit

The complete absurdity of #globalwarming and #climatechange denialism is an astonishing feat of ruling class propaganda. The vapid corporate mouthpieces and bile spewing reactionary chuds out there expect us to believe that every serious scientist and ecologist who looks at the physical, imperial evidence of what is happening to our planet falsifies their findings to create this phony narrative of climate change, just to be buttheads. There’s no profit in telling everyone that fossil fuel consumption is wrecking the environment. We’re supposed to believe that the scientific community is just saying this stuff to ruin everybody’s good time. Like scientists don’t like driving cars and racing jet skis and eating Baconators like the rest of us. The fact that so many people can be convinced of this nonsense conspiracy is a breathtaking masterpiece of bullshit. The tiny, circle-jerking gang capitalists who are truly profiting from all of this are playing us all, leaving us to choke on their poison while they play Ferrari polo or whatever the hell rich people do with all the money we make for them. You bein to grasp the naked, evil perversity of all of this when you realize that the corporations that are pushing the world to apocalypse don’t even believe the story that climate change isn’t happening. They’ve known it was real since the seventies, and they’ve been fighting each other accelerating the process ever since. They don’t think the planet isn’t doomed. They just think they’ll be able to turn a profit off of whatever disaster engulfs us. Their actual plan is to drown us in floods, burn us in wildfires and cook us alive in shanty towns so that they can make money. That’s the system we live in. #capitalism creates this problem. We won’t solve it until we do away with this system.