Punx Against Punx 41

Back in October, I got very sick and had to spend some time in the hospital.  So I went a few months without updating the site.  This comic is one I drew months ago, but never got the chance to post here, but did appear at psychosemanticpress.com.  When I initially posted it on Instagram, I gave it the following caption:

Sometimes, while I am busy working on a #comic , events unfold in the real world that make a difference in the way I want to discuss whatever social issue it is that I’m trying to comic about. In the case of the latest #punxagainstpunx from psychosemanticpress.com, that event was the afl-cio making a statement endorsing the #dakotaaccesspipeline last week. #workingclass #solidarity is an important value to me, and an organization like the afl-cio needs to be responsive to the needs and concerns of it’s members, but with this #comicstrip I want to place the #dapl controversy in a larger historical context.
When Columbus sailed to the New World hoping to enrich the Spanish monarchy, returning home with captured Taino slaves, his voyage created jobs. The slave trade created thousands of jobs aboard slave ships, as well as jobs for slave catchers in America and jobs in the textile mills of Europe and New England. Building the railroads and clearing the western buffalo herds created even more jobs. Wars like those in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq create jobs in the munitions industry even as those munitions destroy lives on the other side of the globe.
But first and foremost, all of these things create profit. Jobs are a secondary consideration. It was the pursuit of profit over the course of centuries that forced the American Indians from their homes. And it’s in the pursuit of profit that we continue to invest in fossil fuels that are destroying the ecosystem we all depend on for life. We need an economic system that is driven by the needs of all, not the profits of a few. #webcomics #nodapl#standingrock #punk #indiecomics#cartoonviolence #punx #capitalism