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Punx Against Punx Anniversary Button Giveaway!


One year ago today, the first Punx Against Punx comic hit the internet.  To celebrate making it a whole year without being assassinated by right wing vigilantes, we’re giving away a free set of Punx buttons to anyone who shares one of our comics on their social media today (Feb. 4 2016).  To be the first kid on your block to cop the ultimate punk rock fashion accessory, all you need to do is share any Punx Against Punx comic from or to your social media, and tag me in your post (so I know you posted it, doy).  It’s that easy.

Don’t forget to tag me in your post!  @parteedave on Twitter, @parteepropagandacomix on Instagram, on Tumblr, Dave Rine on Facebook.


Be excellent to each other, and… PARTEE ON DUDES!!

About parteepropagandacomix

Cartoonist and writer from Ohio, currently living in Rochester, New York

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